Download (right-click + save) the screenshot you need. 

Main LogoLicious WYSIWYG interface.

Tools and features visible at all time.

Full image View

All your logos automatically saved into the app for 1-click acces

Drag and Drop your logo anywhere on top of your image.  To scale your logo: use 2 fingers touch and move

(like zoom- in/out movement).

Via the 'ADD TEXT' button you can place your own text. There are 35 pre-selected fonts to choose from, and you can change colors too. Scale your text the same way as your logos: use 2 fingers touch and move.

'SNAP ON GRID' - add a protective X on top of your images with just 1 click

Save your files in high or low resolution. Save directly onto your phone or share it straight to another app.


No connection required to save images, LogoLicious is a stand alone app, it will save to the Image Gallery 'LogoLicious'

Settings (clicking the top right logo in main interface) 

You can set your saving preferences here.

Easy watermarking - by adjusting the bottom slider you can easily transform your logo into a watermark.

A project by

The Laughing


© 2021 by Mic Schut

New York City, USA 

logolicious is photoshop on the go. branding made easy
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