Apr 14

Common errors


You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to design an app that works on all phones! Next thing, you think you did a good job and then you receive emails from users that tell you that the app doesn't work. What are things that we see + solutions:


1) you try to load a 10Mb image as a logo.


If you use Photoshop to create your logo, make sure that you export the logo in a way that is compatible with your phone. If you have the newest phone, with a lot of memory, your 10Mb logo might work, but also any graphic designer will tell you that a 10Mb logo is an overkill. Probably aim more in the 100Kb range.


2) you try to load a 25Mb image as base image


While we have done everything we can to ensure we do not touch the image quality, also keep in mind that your phone is not made for 25Mb images. If you snap a picture with your phone camera, the app should work 100% fine. If you have a new DSLR and you put it on the highest resolution, bare in mind that you need a powerful phone to be able to process the image. Android reserves some memory for apps; to ensure that we don't degrade the image quality, we needed to go around this reserved memory and write code to reserve memory in a very deep level in your phone. Sometimes even this is not enough and the app crashes. Why: we see your phone has 20Mb memory left and you try to load a 50Mb photo. (no joke!)


3) you can't scale the logo


We think that everybody is a digital native and understand the concept of squeezing with your fingers too zoom in and out. We couldn't be further from the truth. Although we show at the introduction of the app the details how everything works, most users don't read it and switch it off. Later they realize they don't know how the app works.


Quick tip: in you click on the Logolicious logo on the right top, you can switch the instruction back on. Cool eh? We have done our best to exactly tell you how to use the app best!



Tell us, what are you running into?

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