Apr 14

Multi-line text editor?


Multi-line text, more abilities to write and format text.

We definitely see a lot of opportunities in this area. It remains however, very tricky to implement this in a easy and intuitive way. We experimented with multi-line code, with different font sizes within one text block and so on and we found that for example, scaling the text gives all kinds of unwelcome side effects (like the need to break text automatically, uneven scaling of font sizes etc).


We keep keen on improving in this area, but we would love to hear your input!

New Posts
  • Yes, it is coming :-) - We promise. We are currently testing a beta version for iOs, we expect the it to release in june 2019.
  • You have the power and influence to suggest new features for Logolicious. Simply create a post to suggest a feature. We are curious and open to new ideas to implement with our app! To vote for future features, please respond to the original post in the forum, or add your own idea in a post. Thank you! Olav, Mic & Dondell. #TeamLogoLicious
  • The ability to add your own fonts to the app. We frequently receive emails with the request to add some font. Typically, the issue is that the font is not free or open source, and hence we are unable too add this ourselves. A solution would be to have the ability to add or upload your own font to the app. We love the idea, but also wonder what percentage of your users would really love this feature. Let us know in the comments!

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