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Know your platform: Instagram

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Learn more about Instagrams' photo behavior and feed insights

Instagram is an awesome (arguably the best) platform to showcase your images, your brand, your business or product and yourself. Its free and you can instantly communicate and have a direct connection with your audience.

There are a few important things to keep in mind when your are posting images on Instagram.

Firstoff - and above all - The most important thing is to enjoy posting: Instagram is a very personal platform, followers want and will get to know you! If you show no enthusiasm or passion and you post images just for the sake of posting will probably not achieve much growth and awareness on the Instagram platform. Besides passion here are a some Insights that will help you understand Instagram better.


Instagram is built for showcasing a persons 'or brands' originality and its all about eye candy (people like pretty things 😃). And these days, just photo of your product is not even going to cut it, you need to 'prettify' it wherever you can. Viewers want to relate, whether this is to you as a person, or relate to a product. In addition to that they also want to see you/it at its best. E.g. If you are a craftsmen and you've created a handcrafted wooden table: Don't just post a pic of that newly finished tabletop in your workshop, rather place it in the environment where it belongs, in a dining room; all decked out, staged and matched with the interior.

⚠️ NOTE: This does not mean that you shouldn't snap that shot in the workshop, because progress photos are great content (Especially for the Instagram Stories feature!), showing viewers what and how you create your product, that behind the scenes scene, where they can see the person(s) involved creating the brand/product is what makes Instagram (and social media) extremely powerful.


Timing is essential in the Instagram algorithm, you will guaranteed notice differences in engagement (= likes, comments, DM) when you posts similar images but on different days, on different time during the day.

There is no universal 'best time' to post your image, however keep in mind that most of your viewers/followers will only see your content when they use the app, usually this is in a persons 'downtime' meaning during their morning commute, around lunch break and at night is where they'll check their feed most. > E.g. When most of your followers are on the East Coast of the USA, time your posts matching EST (UTC -5). Read a more in depth article about Instagram timing here:


While instagram started with 1:1 images only, it now also accepts landscape, portrait images too. (Also note, when you are posting multiple images in one post, they'll always square).

However, the thumbnails are still always square and it autocrops in from the center [IMAGE]

In terms of adding text and branding items you should be aware of the Legibility of on the thumbnail vs post. [Image]

Ask yourself: Do you want viewers to see your name or logo in the thumbnail feed, or only when they've clicked on your image.

Tip: I'd go for the latter or mix and don't be spammy, do not loose the authenticity of your post.


To build a steady and recognizable image feed its best to create a preset posting-schedule, and post in sequences of 3. My best advice: PLAN YOUR POSTS! Create a pre-set schedule that works for you.

This way you start creating a consistent feed, that will look professional and calming while it also helps you plan out your posts/imagery easier.

If we would take our earlier blogpost with the business suit posts as examples, imagine being a tailor or business suit boutique. Start by scheduling your posts/images in themes per day like e.g. BlueMondays, TieTuesdays, WingtipsWednesdays, TailormadeThursdays and CasualFridays


This way you can start snapping, collecting and selecting your images more easily. > Mondays will always be a photo with something blue, Tuesday you highlight on a tie ... and so on. - This takes away the stress of not knowing what to posts and the returning sequence will look good on your feed too!

Hope this helps! Remember: Stay consistent and find your timing sweetspot!

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