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Logolicious rating and review

Marketing on social media has played a big role in getting my small interior decorating business up and running. Getting the word out and about is a big part of any small business success.

I made the effort to use fresh, unique images, rather than the standard images the suppliers shared. I spent a lot of time getting the right shot and even invested money in a shot photography course.

Therefore, finding that someone else has stolen my images on social media and used it for something else, was something I was not happy about.

When I started looking around for photo editing apps, LogoLicious was one of the best. The app was quick and easy to download, in minutes I was able to start putting watermarks, adding text, creating memes and more. LogoLicious has played a bit part in enabling me to protect the images I use to promote my business.

The best part, it is quick and I can post on the go. Simply add the logo and drag it where I want it and I am ready to get posting. LogoLicious is free and you have the option to voluntary donate towards using the App but if you cannot pay, there are no restrictions.

Not only is LogoLicious superfast to use but in no way alters the quality of the image. I often find great items of furniture or decorations and want to share my ideas with my followers. With LogoLicious, I snap the image, add my watermark, my number and post it to Instagram and Facebook without any hassle. I can edit, crop and add text, all from within the app. I have my own business logo setup as a watermark for the image. I absolutely love how this app has helped me promote my ideas.

The instructions were clear and detailed. I had no problems downloading or setting up the app on my mobile device. I was even able to create templates which mean I only need to add the image and post. There are no ads, which was fabulous.

There were so many features, the ones I remember and use most often include, adding logos, watermarks, editing and cropping images. Most of the time though, I make use of the preset templates. LogoLicious has made it possible for me to create my own advertisements. I have saved a fortune in advertising costs with this app. I definitely recommend it to anyone that posts images to social media.  Great for business or private use. You can protect your hard work and personal property in minutes. It only takes a few minutes to download and install and does not cost you a thing. Better yet, the app is even ad-free. No interruptions and you can personalize any of your images.


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