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Over 1 Million downloads for LogoLicious

Why LogoLicious?

We live in a digital and fast pacing world where the need for feed is real and 'social' sharing (articles, posts, tweets and images) is the norm. If you're not Facebooking, Tweeting, 'Gramming' or Pinning on a regular basis, you will not be noticed... by anyone.

Yes, the interweps really is a glorious medium with massive reach but the downside is that posts go from hand-to-hand/ click-to-click / share-to-share so quickly, their roots often get lost or reclaimed fairly easy. :( Therefore -as a designer and social media expert- I advise all my small business clients to always brand and personalize their images before posting them online, (and prevent losing track of a photos' origin). The simplest way to do this is (obviously) to put a name or logo on top of your image and claim its yours. It's basic branding 1-on-1: To be found or recognized an protected, all published content online and via social media must be branded with your A. logo (or watermarked) B. social handle. or C. name, or business name.

LogoLicious is especially created for the 'quick let me post this' situations. Since not everybody has a designer on 24hr speed-dial many people will opt to add their name or logo themselves. And we created an app for just that! Logolicious is the perfect app to help you personalize, promote, and protect your pictures. It's a must-have app for anyone that frequently posts photos and needs to to add their logo (or other credits) to their images.

And dare I say users love it! LogoLicious has already reached over 1,000,000 installs with an average rating of 4.6 from over 18.000 reviews (and still growing every day).

With LogoLicious you can apply your branding on the go, anywhere, anytime. Once you've loaded your logo (or logos) into the app itself, they are stored automatically (Note: offline! into your own phone, not in a cloud). This means that in the future, you just need to run your new photos through LogoLicious before sharing them online and your image will be branded with your own logo/watermark/text.

watermark app, logolicious, best UX, simple
Logolicious features

Key Features & Functionality:

  • Load your logo into the app: The app supports .PNG .JPG or .GIF files and you can easily access the uploaded logos.

  • No placement limitations: Drag and drop your branding logo anywhere onto the image, any size. You can also easily reposition/scale/rotate the logo.

  • Opacity slider: Adjust the transparency of your logo, watermark and added text

  • Text editor: Add text (like your name, URL, online handle or copyright notice) alongside your logo. These can be saved for future usage as branding templates.

  • HIGH RESOLUTION SAVING: No resolution downgrade: LogoLicious matches your logo to the resolution of the image being edited

  • Quick share: Easily share your images to any social media platform (EXIF data is also embedded for extra copyright protection).- Snap-On grid. Add a protective X-grid on top of any image with just 1-click

  • Create templates! Save logo/watermark +text templates for easy (and consistent) application to subsequent photos (and apply with just one click).

  • Align to original orientation-button: Level your logo or text to straight to horizon (0 degrees alignment)

  • EXIF Data included! For photographers: Our JPG saving options preserve your image meta data.

LogoLicious focuses on simplicity, quality and speed.

No hassle, No fuss and NO ADS!

Its created by “The Laughing Dutchmen”, we are a small creative collective started by two dutch natives with an extensive background in data science, 10+ years of experience in logo design, branding and small business marketing. LogoLicious is thus an app built out of the necessity to have branding on the go. Something small and simple to help your hustle without the hassle.

Check it out yourself: It’s free and available from Google Play (iOS is in the works)


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Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith
Aug 26, 2021

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Jonathan Wells
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