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The best practice for logo placement?

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

The best practice for logo placement?

Tips + Tricks + Guidelines

We get a lot of questions from users who want to know which location is best for their logo. Honestly, there is not exact answer for this, since every image is different, every logo is different and it also depends on which medium or platform you plan to publish you post. HOWEVER.. there is a quick 4-pillar branding guideline I can lay out for you.


First of - before we talk design and placement, and I cannot highlight this enough - is the importance of the consistency of your posts. Wherever you put your logo, watermark and/or text, make sure to commit to it. In order to build a solid brand, every image should have the same setup, a similar look to create a recognizable style.


Logos are intrusive to your image, so try be subtle. No matter the platform, you want viewers to see your image, not look at a logo with an image behind it.

As a rule of thumb: The smaller the better + The lighter, the better. - People rather spot your name or logo once they really looked at your post. Keep in mind; they arrived on your account because of your imagery, they didn't arrive on your photo because of your logo.


Design-wise 'consistent' means that your logo (or name) should not be on a different location at every image. My advise: Stick to one or two corner spots is your best option. Also make sure to always have a light and dark variant of your logo (or name). This way, no matter the background of your image, the legibility of your name will not be effected.

logolicious wrong placement
Facebook overlays your image with text


Its also important to understand the behavior of the platform you use when posting your images. E.g. Note that in Instagram, -whereas it accepts both landscape and portrait images-, the preview of your image is always square. If you want your watermark to be seen in the thumbnail, you'd have to move your logo towards the middle to show up in the preview.

In Facebook do not opt for the bottom corners because there is a dark overlay in the FB gallery - this overlay is also the location of the ' LIKE / COMMENT / SHARE / TAG section' - if your logo or name is located underneath the like button... nobody will see it.

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A quick tip for branding within the LogoLicious Add Your Logo App: Create templates! We built in template functionality to save you time and help you with consistency.

I advise you to create at least two templates for your most used ratio. For instance a photo portrait template with both a black, and a white logo variant. This way, no matter what kind of portrait photo you take with your phone, you can add your logo via your template with just one click, and it will always be the same style.

Perfect usage of logo templates:


We will go over numbers 1-4 in more detail in future blogposts.

Keep me posted & for questions, comments or concerns, leave a message /


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